Hello there and welcome to my new website!

Hello there and welcome to my new website!

Many of you may know me from my previous business –  “Fun House Furnishings and Design”, a design studio and retail store in Mendham, NJ.  After moving on from Funhouse, I wanted to focus exclusively on my true calling, interior design, and Jennifer Connell Design was born! At Jennifer Connell Designs, I offer full service interior design, outdoor space design, retail and hospitality design and design consulting.

I am currently working freelance with an award-winning interior design firm called Design Consultants in Bedminster, NJ. with Gail Whiting, ASID, CID and her talented staff. Because of their incredible support, I have been able to create Jennifer Connell Design and to fully focus on what I love – designing and working on remarkable projects with wonderful people! 

I believe that to be truly successful in interior design, you must understand the taste, lifestyle and vision of the people you are designing for.  And to this end, unlike many designers, I take time upfront to meet with you, talk with you and understand what you’re looking for in your living space.

Also, I love to finish off my rooms with a little “wow” --- a plethora of fun, playful objects, accessories and perhaps items that my clients already own but arranged in a new way… This, I lovingly call my “House Candy.”  House candy brings out the personality in a room – and turns a house into your home. Check out my “house candy” within each project gallery on my website… Can you find them all?

I hope you enjoyed this short, introductory blog and your visit to my brand-new website! I would love to hear from you now or in the near future. Perhaps together we can transform your home into something spectacular! Remember, I am also open for consultation so you don’t need a whole house redesign to work with me. 

Until then, be well!

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Gorgeous from the Outside In

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Guest - Penny Hays on Friday, 29 June 2018 17:51

Absolutely the best web site!, I am so proud of you. Love, Mom

Absolutely the best web site!, I am so proud of you. Love, Mom
Friday, 29 September 2023

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